Grow Up!

Grow –verb (used without object) 1. to increase by natural development, as any living organism orpart by assimilation of nutriment; increase in size orsubstance. form and increase in size by a process of inorganic accretion, as by crystallization. arise or issue as a natural development from an original happening, circumstance, or source: Our friendship grewfrom common interests. Well gosh. I would just like to say that I refrained from titling this post as Grow the F#$% Up! In my dealings with people I have learned that I really don't like having dealings with people. Honestly, the majority of us are bitchy little whiners, who at some... Continue Reading →

Not Mine

Not –adverb 1. (used to express negation, denial, refusal, or prohibition): You must not do that. It's not far from here. 2. U.S. Slang . (used jocularly as a postpositive interjection to indicate that a previous statement is untrue): That's a lovely dress. Not! Mine –pronoun 1. a form of the possessive case of I... Continue Reading →


Alone –adjective (used predicatively) 1. separate, apart, or isolated from others: I want to be alone. 2. to the exclusion of all others or all else: One cannot live by bread alone. 3. unique; unequaled; unexcelled: He is alone among his peers in devotion to duty. Yes the title speaks for itself. Interestingly enough this... Continue Reading →

The First Night

First –noun 10. the person or thing that is first in time, order, rank, etc. 11. the beginning. 12. the first part; first member of a series. I left my husband on the 1st of the year. I thought it was poetic to start my life over with my kids on the 1st of 2011.... Continue Reading →

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