Not your average poem

This is not mine. But I love the imagery. I don't know who wrote it, so if someone does let me know so I can credit them. Enjoy!I have news for you little girlthis will not be sometug at your heart stringslove poemThis is alost my patiencekick down the door poemThis is a suck the airout of... Continue Reading →

672 things to write about: Thing #2

Well isn't this just a steamy affair all of a sudden... This naughty little book just asked me to write a sex scene I wouldn't show my mother. Hold on to your $%#^ peeps, and be forewarned. The content below can be only read by a mature audience. Or rather an audience old enough to... Continue Reading →


So now that I have had my girly surgery to fix my lady parts to previous untainted by endo condition, I am ready to get off the BC (birth control) and see if my body can return to normal. Here lies a problem. While Joe and I want to have a baby later on (which... Continue Reading →

Just one of those days….

Dirty TMI post warning: I have decided that upon occasion I am far too horny of a girl. This horny is not caused by a lack of satisfaction. There are factors I believe that are involved. Let me explain. I currently have a house full of kids and a smokin hot boyfriend with the day off. I... Continue Reading →

Locked out of Heaven

Weird that today Bruno Mars said it best. Heard this on the radio and thought of my sweetie. I really did feel like I had been locked out of heaven. For too long. I love you Joseph.Bruno Mars: Locked out of Heaven   One, two, one, two, threeOh yeah yeahOh yeah yeah yeahOoh!Oh yeah yeahOh yeah yeah yeahOoh!Never... Continue Reading →

Eyes Wide Open

    Once upon a time, before Joseph and I were a couple, we had a conversation (induced by tequila) about what makes a good kisser.   The conversation talked about compatibility with the person, reading cues, body language, attraction. Something I never thought of, and something he said that he did, was look at... Continue Reading →

Insert Corny Title Here

It is hard to believe that once you have been with someone for nearly 8 months that it would actually get better every day. I keep waiting for it to start getting old. To get boring and settle into a nice but monotonous pace.  But it is getting better every day for me this time.... Continue Reading →

Road Map

Written for the Beast (Inspired by my sore spots)     If my body is a road map You know all the stops You leave fingerprints all over it Whenever you depart   I feel the places you have been The sore and the bruised Your teeth have claimed my body Each spot a smile... Continue Reading →

Uh oh…..

It's getting hot in here..... You know what the difference between naked and almost naked is? Mr. Bubbles.... Love Always, Lady X


His hands reach out to touch my face Then reach around to grab my waist To pull me against him To touch To feel His mouth so close My neck My chin My cheeks are pink I blush I gasp My teeth in his shoulder His grip tightens He growls Fingers laced above my head... Continue Reading →

Thinking Naughty

Here is what happens when me, a bikini and tequila get all mixed up. I write a naughty poem. It's titled Fire, and I wrote it right after the creepy drowning one. Your mouth on mine Your hands they trace My curves, my lines My memore erased Your tongue Your taste Sets me ablaze Wild... Continue Reading →

5 o’clock in the morning

I just took a great nap. I feel pretty good. I am listening to that song in the above mentioned title. It's the song I think of everytime I am awake at this time. And since I have spotify I can listen to it because I was just thinking I really wanted to hear it.... Continue Reading →

It’s just a sofa

Okay so random post for today. My favorite neighbor broke parole a few months ago and so back to jail he went. Well today they threw all of his stuff outside. It was really sad. Now the terrible part is that I took the mans couch. It's a nice couch. Plus I can't even begin... Continue Reading →

Musical Ecstasy

The pathway to my soul. I always want it playing. The sound, the notes, the lyrics, reverberating through the bottom of my soul. Feel it powering my cells. Depending on the sound and the song and the meaning it can power me up, power me down, or drain me, lift me up, drag me down,... Continue Reading →


Moderation –noun 1. the quality of being moderate; restraint; avoidance of extremes or excesses; temperance. 2.the act of moderating. 3.moderations, British . the first public examinations at Oxford University for the B.A. degree in mathematics or in classics. Everything in moderation right? Moderation is an interesting word. I have a lot of trouble buying into... Continue Reading →

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