Just one of those days….

Dirty TMI post warning: I have decided that upon occasion I am far too horny of a girl. This horny is not caused by a lack of satisfaction. There are factors I believe that are involved. Let me explain. I currently have a house full of kids and a smokin hot boyfriend with the day off. I... Continue Reading →

Uh oh…..

It's getting hot in here..... You know what the difference between naked and almost naked is? Mr. Bubbles.... Love Always, Lady X

Just a taste

. I haven't been on in a while. I drove away in my moms car with my iPad and cell phone on the roof. Never to be found again. Since my primary place to write was from my iPad I figured that I would take a break from here while preparing for my upcoming boudoir... Continue Reading →

Now it’s just me

So I have been thinking about my anonymity on here. My lack of name, my code names for everyone (except my Joe) I'm done. This is my blog. My life and I'm proud to be me and share it. My name is Tiarra. I have three crazy girls and I'm divorced and I'm crazy. I... Continue Reading →


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