He loves me

His eyes search my face and they see something that I don't. When I am at my worst, falling apart, world collapsing, he claims me as his own. Stealing me away from the darkness. His body enfolds me in strength and tenderness. HIs lips create organization out of the chaos that overtakes me. His arms... Continue Reading →


Skimming through pintrest, which is just terrible if you want to lose some of your day doing something pointless, and I found an image that spoke to me. I guess my perusing wasn't totally pointless. The picture reminded me of a moment with Joseph, it was one of of those nights when we realized that... Continue Reading →

Desperate for his tender kiss

The most dangerous kiss is not the passionate one that ignites the fire deep inside me It is not the kiss that expresses the depth of how much you missed me while we were apart It is not the kiss that pulls me into sweet blissful distress, breathless, longing, aching for all of you It... Continue Reading →

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